Recipe for a London Fog – take your cup of earl grey to the next level July 29 2016

I was told recently about a drink called a London Fog (funnily enough, not invented in London). It’s a luxurious combination of earl grey tea, steamed milk and vanilla. It’s currently freezing here in Wellington so I thought I would share my recent discovery in the hopes it will brighten your day!

Here’s how to make the perfect London Fog at home:

1. Make the tea. Brew a cup of our Bergamot Sunrise. It’s a black tea with notes of citrusy bergamot. Bring water almost to the boil and steep one teaspoon of leaves in half a cup of hot water for two to three minutes. We want the tea to be nice and strong, so the flavours shine through the milk. Once steeped, strain the leaves.

2. Steam the milk. While you’re waiting for the tea to steep, add half a cup of milk to a small saucepan and heat gently. Almond or coconut milk are lovely, as they have a beautiful creaminess, but regular milk is good, too. Don’t allow the milk to boil. Whisk for a few minutes until hot and frothy (for a fog-like effect). Add the milk to the tea.

3. Add vanilla. Swirl half a teaspoon of good-quality vanilla extract over the frothy milk and stir.

A London Fog is a great pick-me-up. Bergamot has a natural boosting effect on your mood, so it’s the perfect drink to enjoy on a grey winter day.