How tea can keep you from losing the plot at work April 06 2016

Here are a few tips about how tea can stop you from losing the plot at work, so you aren't found at your desk like this...

1) Ever find yourself sitting at your desk, not really getting anything done but you can't be bothered getting up?  I do this ALL the time.  Even though I know it really isn't productive to keep sitting there.  It feels weird taking a break to do star jumps or push ups like some of those 'Safe at Work' brochures tell you, but something as simple (and much less conspicuous) as walking to the kitchen to make a cup of tea can really improve your productivity when you get back to your desk.  

Try: Fine Fettle - organic peppermint 

2) Stuck on a problem, feeling stressed or the boss driving you crazy?  Tea is prized for its ability to help you feel relaxed and alert (it's the L-theanine).  It's also been found to be good for dealing with stress.  Brew up, friend. 

Try: Good Judgement Tea - organic and Fairtrade green tea

3) I'm an introvert but I get bored when I work alone for too long (or have a HILARIOUS story and no-one to share it with.  Like the other day when I thought I saw my dad's bald head out of the office window but it turned out it was my terracotta pot plant).  I digress. Going to the kitchen and making a cup of tea is a great way to connect with others (of course, only if you work in an office with other people!).  In a world of technology overload, it's nice to have an old-fashioned conversation with a human.  I highly recommend it.   

Try: Kitchen Table Tea - classic breakfast cup

 Let me know in the comments if you've got any more for me...